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Could a Cheryl Hines, Carrie Fisher, and Debra Messing Sitcom Not Be Great?

Cheryl Hines usually makes good choices.

News came today that Cheryl Hines and Carrie Fisher are joining the Debra Messing one-camera ABC sitcom Wright Vs. Wrong. We will, just this once, forgive both the universal pet peeve of a punny title (Messing’s character is named “Evelyn Wright”) and even the fact that the entire premise of the show seems based on the high concept contained within said title, because these three ladies are awesome. Synopsis:

“Messing plays Evelyn Wright, a strong-minded, ambitious political personality who espouses the conservative, right-wing agenda. However, while she has this tough, conservative personality for the public, behind the scenes she’s consumed by her foibles and flaws.

Hines will play Evelyn’s liberal counterpart who can’t stand her. Fisher will play Evelyn’s gruff manager.”

So it’s kind of like a Fox News 30 Rock crossed with the actual lives of Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh and the contradiction found within a punny title? Cool! Maybe they’ll go really far out and make the main character’s “foibles and flaws” hard-core instead of the usual Ben & Jerry’s addiction. We just need one more thing …

“The cast of the pilot also includes “Almost Famous” star Patrick Fugit.”

As the Kenneth! Or possibly a rival up-and-coming baby-faced right-wing political personality! (Hey, what is that anyway?) We don’t care! Do it up, ABC. Remember that episode of 30 Rock with Carrie Fisher as the bitter, one might even say “gruff,” older writer? Exactly. This could actually work. (Then again, we liked Kath & Kim.)

Cheryl Hines, Carrie Fisher Join ‘Wright’

Could a Cheryl Hines, Carrie Fisher, and Debra Messing Sitcom Not Be Great?