Courtney Love Wants to Be Pals With Billy Corgan Again

There’s over a month to go in Courtney Love’s promotional cycle for the new Hole album, Nobody’s Daughter, and we’re already seeing Love take her public shenanigans to new attention-getting heights. Earlier this month she implausibly charged Lily Allen with loving cocaine even more than Kate Moss. A few days ago she told the Daily News that her fallout with daughter Frances Bean came when Frances physically attacked her, but that things are looking up now because Edward Norton is mediating the relationship. Then, just yesterday, she posted a Facebook note apologizing to her former musical collaborator Billy Corgan. Is it overemotional and super uncomfortable to read? You bet!

Dearest Billy:

I love you, I love your strong and eternal heart, even love the fucked up gnarly amazing magnificent bigger-than-god louder-than-love karma of the songs you write and allow me to fly with. We have again created beauty from the agony between us, all the buried and unburied anguish, all that is true, that is gold, that is meant to be is within this endless and somehow eternal cycle of Billy & Courtney.I hope you will take my sincerest apologies for all the thousand ways I sometimes offend you, because I know you are a king, a prince, and my beautiful noble boy. No one will ever force my hand, nothing will come between the truth of what we are:
Eternal lovers
Eternal fighters
Eternal warriors.
Let the forces and the shock and awe loose from its cages, all credit where it is due. I love and you and can never thank you enough.Your soul (and you know this).


This particular move might have a purpose, though: Corgan co-wrote material on Nobody’s Daughter that he’s promised to bar from being released, and Love might just be trying to twist his arm on the approval. We have a good feeling this will get sorted out, as surely not even Billy Corgan’s heart is so cold as to go untouched by an insane Facebook note apology.

Courtney Love-Cobain: Dearest Billy [Facebook via Billboard]

Courtney Love Wants to Be Pals With Billy Corgan Again