Days Before Prison, Lil Wayne’s Still Working

Lil Wayne’s going to jail tomorrow! How’s he been spending his last days?

• In a clip released to MTV, Wayne says he shot seven more videos Saturday night, including one for Rebirth’s “Running” and one for an unreleased Drake song called “Afrika Moombata.” He supposedly shot nine during his original pre-jail weekend, so he’s slowing down a bit. He also revealed the official T-shirt bearing his Twitter handle, @liltunechi.

• Speaking of Twitter, in a separate video from the weekend, Wayne reveals that “Lil Tune” was his grandmother’s nickname for him and he added the “chi” for ambiguous reasons related to Gucci Mane.

• NahRight has a new verse from him, probably the first of what will be a steady stream of odds-and-ends material put away for release during his jail time.

• Has he read MTV’s interview with a Rikers guard? If so, he’ll know that his schedule will include 4 a.m. wake-up calls, 3 p.m. dinners, no assigned job, possible separation from the general population, two visitors a week, and no iPod. He will, however, be able to purchase a transistor radio with his commissary money.

• Also, he’s taken the time to review the iPad. He likes it!

Days Before Prison, Lil Wayne’s Still Working