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Diddy-Endorsed Vodka Tastes Better Than the No. 1 Brand

“If you’re not drinking Ciroc vodka, then you’re drinking pee pee.” —Sean “Ciroc Obama” Combs [NYP]

“It’s a nice dick. Well proportioned. Handsome. I have nothing but good things to say about Jason Segel’s penis.” —Mila Kunis [GQ via ONTD]

“I just kissed Chris Pine. It was awesome. I kissed him hard and I kissed him strong. He punched me pretty hard. Do I regret it? Not one bit.” —Seth Rogen [People]

“Drama’s easy because, even if you’re bad, you don’t know it necessarily. You’re doing an emotional scene, crying and screaming, and the audience may be like, ‘What’s going on with him, that’s terrible.’ But they don’t say anything so you think, ‘Well maybe they like it.’ But when you’re doing comedy, if you don’t hear a laugh, you know you’re failing.” —Forest Whitaker [Parade]

“The corset provides the base for the clothing over the top. They were a bit shocked at first but they want to look good so of course they did it.” —Costume designer Sandy Powell on putting Leonardo DiCaprio and Jude Law in corsets for The Aviator [Daily Express UK]

“I pay more in taxes than most people would ever imagine. I guarantee you, I’m looking dead in the camera, you will never hear about Ludacris owing the damn IRS no damn money.” —Ludacris [NYP]

“My dad prepared a speech for me with a bunch of funny stuff in it. But I’m 11 and I’m nervous, so thank you!” —Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith, accepting his Breakthrough Male Star of the Year award [NYDN]

“I would do that pole dance a thousand times again, because it was right for the song and that performance.” —Miley Cyrus defending her performance at last year’s Teen Choice Awards [Parade]

“I’m seriously trying to educate myself. When I started coming to Los Angeles I realized how few films I’d actually seen. I’d get into a conversation with some producer or director and they’d go, ‘Well you know that scene in Scarface, and I’d go, ‘Yeah!’ And that was bollocks because I’d not seen it.” —Carey Mulligan [Total Film via Contact Music]

Diddy-Endorsed Vodka Tastes Better Than the No. 1 Brand