Donald Trump, NBC to Bring Back The Apprentice

After a string of celebrity versions, NBC announced it will team with Donald Trump for a new version of The Apprentice with fourteen contestants who “have been hit hard by the current economic downturn,” including the unemployed and despondent recent college grads.

“We’ve got to do something about the economy and this is a terrific way to provide jobs as well as business lessons along the way,” Trump said in a statement. “[We] hope this economic downturn can begin a turnaround, and we’ll do our best with The Apprentice to see that it starts happening. I’m proud to be putting people back to work, and to positively changing the psychology of America.”

Improve our collective “psychology,” huh? We’re having trouble imagining the Donald going with “We unfortunately don’t have an opening for you at this time” instead of “You’re fired.”

Donald Trump is hiring! NBC to revive ‘The Apprentice’ [Hollywood Insider/EW]

Donald Trump, NBC to Bring Back The Apprentice