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Donald Trump Weighs In on Woods, James Scandals

Donald Trump, America’s favorite billionaire-turned-reality star, has a new show on the Golf Channel. In Donald J. Trump’s Fabulous World of Golf which debuts on April 12th, celebrities will face off for the charity of their choice. We caught up with The Donald at a preview screening for the new show to talk about his own success on the course, and see if he had any advice for some old friends who have recently found themselves in a bit of trouble.

What do you think of Tiger being back in the game of golf?
Well, Tiger is a good friend of mine. I really like Tiger a lot. I know Tiger. I think I understand Tiger. He’s been through a lot. I really think that this tremendous pressure that’s been put on Tiger- if he can circumvent that pressure, I think he will do fantastic in the Masters. He has always handled pressure well, but nobody’s ever had this kind of pressure.

Another friend of yours, Jesse James, is involved in a similar situation. What’s your whole take on that?
Well, I also know Jesse James very well. He was on Celebrity Apprentice last season and I got to know him very well. He’s a tough guy, a smart guy. I always liked him a lot, and I always wondered why he didn’t bring Sandra on the show. Frankly, he could have won a task had he brought her on, and I guess we look back and perhaps we can understand why he didn’t bring her on.

And he did enter rehab today or late last night…
Everyone who got caught up in an affair seems to be entering rehab. I never entered rehab.

What about you? How’s your game of golf?

Well, I’ve been a very successful golfer. I’ve won a lot of club championships, a lot of tournaments. I’ve been a very successful golfer.

Donald Trump Weighs In on Woods, James Scandals