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Face-off: The Bounty Hunter’s Gerard Butler vs. Boba Fett

With all due respect to Dog, we can’t hear the words “bounty hunter” without thinking Boba Fett: Cinema’s most ruthless bounty hunter has had an impact far beyond his relatively minor role in the original Star Was trilogy, living on in the expanded Star Wars galaxy, on novelty T-shirts, and in nerds’ hearts everywhere. So, can Milo Boyd — the ex-cop turned bumbling bounty hunter portrayed by Gerard Butler in this week’s action rom-com The Bounty Hunter — keep up with Fett? Let’s break it down!

  Boba Fett Milo Boyd
Primary Target Han Solo Jennifer Aniston
External Armory Roughed-up, Mandalorian designed spacesuit, outfitted with a rocket pack and mementos from felled victims. Jeans, Skechers, short-sleeve plaid shirt.
Employers Darth Vader, Jabba the Hutt. Jeff Garlin.
General Tactics Suit is equipped with a flamethrower and rocket dart launchers. Carries a sawed-off BlasTech EE-3 rifle. Shooting, lying, stealing, tackling, credit-card fraud, groin-kicking.
Method of Transportation His spaceship, Slave I. Light-blue convertible, golf cart.
Concern for Well-being of Target Present, but solely selfish: Fett needs Solo to survive carbon-freezing in order to get him to Jabba alive. Subtextually, yes, as Aniston’s character is his ex-wife.
Does He Drink on the Job? Common sense would say no, although that was one wicked party going down on Jabba sail barge, so who really knows. . Yes.
Victim of Ignominious Ending? Yes, eaten by sarlacc. No: ends with a kiss. Surprise.
Face-off: The Bounty Hunter’s Gerard Butler vs. Boba Fett