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Fug Girls: Red Carpet Hits and Misses at the Oscars

For the past week, celebrity-watchers and fashionistas alike have been operating on a frenzied level, trying to anticipate who would wear what to the Academy Awards. Well, now we know — and so it’s on to the more impertinent question: Who wore it well, and whose fashion fell flat? Click through to the slideshow to see our favorite Oscar hits and misses.

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Fug Girls: Live Blogging the Oscars Red Carpet

Not only is SJP wearing a metric ton of bronzer, she’s also wandered out of the house wearing a shapeless yellow nightgown haphazardly trimmed with aluminum foil.
After years of showing up to red-carpet events looking as though she’d just popped over on the way back from the gym, what a thrill it is to see Cameron show up at the Oscars in full movie-star mode. This gold Oscar de la Renta is glamorous, gorgeous, and completely appropriate for the occasion. We award her full marks.
Unfortunately for the upper and lower thirds of this dress, the middle section has contracted a raging case of psoriasis, and the Oscar red-carpet lotion wrangler went on strike. You know — the oldest story in the book.
Okay, sure, sometimes when she struck a pose, Jennifer Lopez looked like her arm was her handle and her hip was her spout. But few women could march around in a waterfall of fabric and make it look so effortless, and so right. What can we say? We love it when she brings drama that we can at least partially comprehend.
We appreciate that Zoe takes fashion risks. We just don’t like this particular risk. Call us old-fashioned, but we feel like a girl should leave her loofahs in the shower.
We hear Charlize is single again; maybe she’s sworn off men, which would explain why she allowed her clothes to make a pass at her.
That is not a dress. That is a very long tutu glued to a support garment that was on sale at Macy’s for $12.99. A support garment that wasn’t quite the right size.
Penélope always goes big at the Oscars — thank goodness something is reliable in this crazy, mixed-up world — and this year is no exception. She looks tremendous in her Donna Karan Couture gown, mostly because the wine color is so perfect on her. Although we might also be biased because we really like wine.
Last week’s slideshow face-off went to Carey, but here her shoes are a disaster with this dress, totally ruining its mojo. The non-color of Anna’s gown keeps it from being a slam-dunk, but it’s pretty, it fits, and her chunky footwear at least feels inspired by the same era as the dress. So Carey took the lead-up skirmishes, but Anna won the war.
Precious’s leading lady really brought it for the big game: She looks like 10 million bucks in this blue Marchesa and artfully applied bling, but her best accessory was the sass she brought to the red carpet. Gabby fist-bumped Keanu Reeves, ordered the E! cameras to snap to it and drink in a full-body shot, and beamed from ear to ear like it was her distinct pleasure to be there — which is so refreshing when half this town acts like “red carpet” and “root canal” are interchangeable. Here’s hoping her first Oscars are far from her last.
Fug Girls: Red Carpet Hits and Misses at the Oscars