Is Ben Folds on ChatRoulette?

It really does look like him, doesn’t it?

There’s a tenacious rumor going around that the singer–piano player in the most viral of ChatRoulette videos is actually the popular Fin de siècle singer-songwriter Ben Folds. The evidence put forth so far is thus:

1. He sings like Ben Folds.
2. He plays piano like Ben Folds.
3. He looks like Ben Folds.

To this we would add: The man in the video (who calls himself “Merton”) is obviously trying to conceal his identity with that hood and glasses, anyone who can play like that would probably already be famous, and everyone we know over the age of 25 thought of Ben Folds immediately when they first saw the video. If it is Ben Folds, he seems happy staying underground so far — he hasn’t updated his Twitter since last summer. Update: That was a fake Ben Folds Twitter account. The real account shows glasses just like “Merton’s” in both his avatar and in the reflection off a CD case pic he just posted! Keep pulling the sweater…

Is This Ben Folds? [G4]

Is Ben Folds on ChatRoulette?