Jay Leno: ‘I Got Screwed. Conan Got Screwed.’

Jay Leno’s apparently sick and tired of Conan getting all the sympathy. Joy Behar, who conveniently had a camera backstage with her when she appeared on the Tonight Show last night, asked Leno “if he was upset about Conan,” and Leno took the opportunity to make sure you remember he was “treated terribly,” too!

“Conan got screwed. I got screwed,” Leno said. “This is TV. The reason show business pays a lot of money is so when you get screwed you’ve got something left over…. Conan was treated terribly, and I was treated terribly.”

He went on to predict a fierce competition in the near future among the late night stars.

“I think Conan will come back and he’ll be strong,” Leno said. “And we’ll all compete against one another. It should be me against [David] Letterman, against Conan, against [Jimmy] Kimmel, and then you see who wins.”

That sounds like a season of Survivor we would actually watch.

[via CNN]

Jay Leno: Conan and I “Got Screwed” By NBC [TV Guide]

Jay Leno: ‘I Got Screwed. Conan Got Screwed.’