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Industry Roundup: Lopez, Foxx, Willis

Lopez Falls Into New Role: Jennifer Lopez is in talks to star in the remake of Overboard, the 1987 Garry Marshall romantic comedy that starred Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, in which “a snooty, spoiled woman” falls off a yacht and is taken to the hospital by a “morally challenged carpenter.” When she wakes up with amnesia, he convinces her he is her husband. Perhaps the project appeals to Lopez because this is also the story of how she ended up married to Marc Anthony. [HR]

Fantastic Mr. Foxx: Jamie Foxx is in negotiations to star opposite Bruce Willis in Kane & Lynch, adapted from the video game. Willis will play Kane, a death row inmate who is released - along with Foxx’s Lynch, a schizophrenic killer - by Kane’s old squad, so they can retrieve a stolen fortune. While Kane travels to Los Angeles, Japan and Cuba, Lynch is charged with rescuing Kane’s wife and daughter… who assuredly will feel very comforted knowing their rescue effort is being led by an unstable killer while their husband/dad is off looking for some loot. [HeatVision/HR]

Graduating From High School: Ashley Tisdale (High School Musical) has signed on to co-star in the CW’s Hellcats, marking her first regular television role. Tisdale will play Sierra, a “peppy and fiercely intense” captain of the college cheerleading squad, who takes Marti (Aly Michalka), a girl “from the wrong side of the tracks,” under her wing on the team (after an initial clash, of course), in order to help them win a championship. Sounds like this should be familiar territory for Tisdale, except without Zac Efron to look at or people breaking into song whenever they feel a new emotion. [HR]

Monster Redux: Paramount is planning to remake the 1987 film The Monster Squad, with Rob Cohen - who produced the original - hoping to come on to direct the remake. The story follows a group of kids who worship “the classic monsters” (Frankenstein, Wolf Man, etc.) but then discover they’re all in town and up to no good, and thus need to be stopped! With this and Overboard, 1987 films are clearly where it’s at right now. [Deadline]

Busy Facinelli: Nurse Jackie’s Peter Facinelli has signed on for two upcoming features, both directed by Michael Corrente. He will play a “successful pickpocket” who comes across a one-night stand pregnant with his child (hate when that happens!) in Loosies, a dramedy that he wrote. And, in Paz, he will play Vinnie Pazienza, a boxer who recovers from a near-fatal car accident. Perhaps Facinelli’s been hitting up Jackie’s pill stash, as he’s going to somehow take on both these parts, his Jackie commitment and his role in the rest of the Twilight films. [Variety]

Skeet!: Skeet Ulrich is set to star in the John Wells-produced untitled medical pilot for CBS about a medical mobile squad traveling through the U.S. Ulrich, who previously starred on Jericho and last year’s drama pilot Back for the network, is hoping that the third time’s the charm. And we are too, mainly so we keep having an excuse to say the the word “skeet” in our heads. [HR]

Industry Roundup: Lopez, Foxx, Willis