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Josh Schwartz Previews Gossip Girl

At Cosmo’s Fun Fearless Males awards Monday night, Gossip Girl executive producer Josh Schwartz gave some tantalizing clues about what to expect when his show returns on March 8. First of all, Schwartz reveals that the Gossip Girl blogger will play a much bigger part in the storytelling, like she used to. He also added, “Look for Blair to start questioning her NYU decision when we come back. Is she a downtown girl after all?”

We wondered how the story would unfold if the series continues past the logical college run of the main characters. “The world of school on our show is very vaguely defined,” he said. “Chuck doesn’t go to school, [Serena] doesn’t really go to college, and, you know, we are actually going to focus less on NYU as we come back on these episodes,” he explained. “So our show is really about Manhattan, and these characters in Manhattan, so ‘school’ is sort of a vaguely defined entity on our show.”

Schwartz says the decision to center this vague post–high school academic life around NYU was pragmatic. “We didn’t want to create a fictional Manhattan college and send them all to the same school, Saved by the Bell: The College Years style. So we decided as long as they’re all on the same island of Manhattan, they would still be able to interact.” Perhaps post-graduation they can all move in together and run an Upper East Side boarding school; it worked for The Facts of Life!

Fine, you have any better ideas?

Josh Schwartz Previews Gossip Girl