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Justin Bieber Rules Out Collaboration With Washed-Up Elderly Woman

“I don’t love her new music, it’s not the same [as her old stuff]. It’s like Michael Jordan coming back out to play in the NBA. She is past her best.” —Justin Bieber on whether he’d collaborate with Mariah Carey [Sun UK via Hollywood Life]

“I’ll go on Sex and the City — damn straight! They’re good looking ladies. … Sex and the City 3-D — that’s an awesome idea; a Jimmy Choo shoe coming at you! I’d go see that. I’d go see Charlotte in 3-D.” —Sam Worthington [Access Hollywood]

“It’s sort of like an Animal Collective/gospel/giant-drum record. And she’s singing on it. I think you might expect some rap/club music, but nothing on there. It’s more of a heavy record. All kinds of different sounds. We did, like, a punk thing. … It’s weird.” —Diplo on M.I.A.’s upcoming album [MTV]

“It was awful this season, as far as I’m concerned. I’m not allowed to say that! [Gasps.] It was very telenovela.” —Chloë Sevigny on Big Love [AV Club]

“When they say ‘We want to go white,’ they have a very smooth way of saying it, and the recent one is the word traditional. [I’ve heard] ‘Oh, you know, you’re just not what we were looking for, your skin is a little darker.’ Compared to what?! My skin is just my skin. It’s dark if you compare it to someone who’s lighter. … I had no idea [Neytiri] was blue and nine feet tall. But for some reason, [James Cameron] was like, ‘You look so much like her!’” —Zoe Saldana [Nylon]

“I’m almost completely deaf anyway. So I’m worried. I’m very worried.” —Robert Pattinson on shrieking Twilight fans [Sun UK]

“[T]hey just gave me another role in the film. I had to reshoot all of my scenes. … [A]s they started to edit they realized it was becoming darker than what they’d expected and what my scenes had allowed for. My parts were lighthearted and comedic. … Jon Favreau called and was like, ‘I’ve got good news and bad news: This is what’s happening in editing but we all really like you.’ Marvel and Jon had to add another character from the Marvel universe to keep me included.” —Olivia Munn on Iron Man 2 [Complex]

Justin Bieber Rules Out Collaboration With Washed-Up Elderly Woman