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David Chase’s Upcoming Film Will Be ‘Music-Driven,’ Set in Sixties

The Chase Begins: The Sopranos creator David Chase has revealed a few details about the still-untitled feature film that he has written and will direct and produce for Paramount Pictures: The movie will be a “music-driven coming-of-age story set in the 1960s.” Well, whatever it’s about, this thing better definitively answer what happened to Adrianna or we’ll be sorely disappointed. [HR]

Scoring Digits: Anna Faris and Chris Evans will co-star in the Mark Mylod–directed comedy What’s Your Number?, which revolves around a young woman (Faris) who — with the help of her “womanizing next-door neighbor” (Evans) — decides to revisit all her ex-boyfriends in “hopes of finding the man of her dreams.” We need no further information to predict with 95 percent certainty that with five minutes left in this movie, Evans will get in a cab en route to the airport to catch Faris just in time to tell her that he’s finally realized she’s the only one for him. [Variety]

Big Nights: Liam Hemsworth is in negotiations to star in the upcoming Arabian Nights, a 3-D action film helmed by Chuck Russell. The movie follows a young commander (Hemsworth) who, after his king is murdered, teams up with Sinbad and Aladdin to rescue Queen Scheherazade. The role will likely (though not necessarily) require more effort than the one Hemsworth is currently playing in his everyday life: arm candy to Miley Cyrus. [HR]

Lucky Nick: Nick Nolte is in talks to co-star in Michael Mann and David Milch’s upcoming horse-racing drama Luck for HBO. Dustin Hoffman has already been cast as the lead, playing an “intelligent, intuitive tough man.” Nolte would play the trainer of a top racehorse. Doesn’t it just feel like Al Pacino should be in this? [HR]

Bates Makes a Move: Kathy Bates and Brittany Snow will star in David E. Kelley’s NBC dramedy pilot Kindreds. Bates, in what will be her first regular TV role, will play a former patent lawyer, while Snow will play her assistant and a key member of the firm. Bates’s role was originally conceived as a male, but is being reworked for Bates, which is going to make the planned assistant-boss affair plot wayyyy more scandalous. [HR, HR]

Liv and Pat Reach Ledge: Liv Tyler and Patrick Wilson have been added to The Ledge, joining Terrence Howard and Charlie Hunnam in the suspense film from first-time writer-director Matthew Chapman. The movie centers on a man (Hunnam) standing on a high-rise ledge who says he must jump by noon, while the policeman below (Howard) attempts to “manage the situation.” So kind of like Phone Booth, but with Arwen the Elf instead of Colin Farrell. [HR]

A Numb3rs Game: Rob Morrow (Numb3rs) has been cast opposite Joely Richardson in the ABC drama pilot The Whole Truth, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. The rival to Richardson’s New York prosecutor, Morrow will play a lawyer who is “exuberant, larger-than-life, and extremely successful.” Way to set expectations low for the guy, J. Bruck. [HR]

David Chase’s Upcoming Film Will Be ‘Music-Driven,’ Set in Sixties