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Mel Gibson Viking Movie May Be His Last

Mel Gibson and Bill Monahan, the screenwriter behind The Departed, are currently hammering away on what might be Gibson’s last film ever: a Viking epic starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

“I saw it in my mind back when I was teenager. Seriously, it’s the first movie I wanted to make. And I think it will be the last film I direct. It’s the thing I have been going toward, in a way, since I was young, and I think when it’s done I may be finished.”

Gibson cited the need for a Viking movie because “it’s something the audience hasn’t seen in a long time.” Over 50 years have passed since Kirk Douglas’s The Vikings, and apparently The Thirteenth Warrior doesn’t count because, well, it starred Antonio Banderas.

People close to Gibson brushed off the suggestion that this film would be his last. He’s probably just taking a page from Brett Favre’s playbook to make sure the film is extra, extra epic. Viking epic.

Mel Gibson says Viking movie (starring Leonardo DiCaprio) may be his last [Hero Complex/LAT]

Mel Gibson Viking Movie May Be His Last