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Alec Baldwin to Speak at NYU Commencement

New York University has announced that Alec Baldwin — of 30 Rock, Oscar hosting, and mysterious hospitalization fame — will be speaking at the university’s commencement May 12. He will receive an honorary fine-arts degree as well.

“The choice of Mr. Baldwin as the host of this year’s Academy Awards and his selection as the recipient of an honorary degree from NYU are not related, other than that both are recognitions of his talent as an actor,” NYU spokesman John Beckman said.

So just in case you figured the NYU selection committee was an impressionable bunch, swayed by silly things such as award ceremonies with little gold statues, they’re so not.

Alec Baldwin To Deliver Speech At NYU Graduation [Perez Hilton]

Alec Baldwin to Speak at NYU Commencement