Nurse Jackie Character Will Post Tweets in Real Time

Typically when television shows attempt to incorporate modern technology, it’s just … off. A zoom-in on a monitor reveals an archaic search engine that looks like a bastardized version of Google. Or a teenager will be shown using AOL to send an e-mail. And there has never been a seamless Facebook reference on prime time to date.

Nevertheless, Nurse Jackie is taking the bold step of not only referencing Twitter in its upcoming second season, but also incorporating it into the world of the show. Beginning in the second episode, Dr. Cooper (played by Peter Facinelli, a Twitter addict himself with over 1.5 million followers) will be shown tweeting, at which point the character’s posts will show up real-time on a Twitter account created under the handle @DoctorCoop.

“We want the story to extend beyond the half-hour or hour that it lives on air and become ubiquitous with your life,” said Robert Hayes, Showtime’s senior vice president and general manager for digital media.

Thankfully, Dr. Cooper’s tweets will be written by the Nurse Jackie writing staff and not by Facinelli himself, who tweeted the following last week: “Eating my M&M’s through a straw right now cause I’m #breakinalltherulez.”

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Nurse Jackie Character Will Post Tweets in Real Time