Panasonic Sells World’s First 3-D Television System

Panasonic said Wednesday that it sold the world’s first 3-D home entertainment system at a Manhattan Best Buy. Officially known as the Panasonic Full HD 3-D Plasma Home Theater System (just rolls right off the tongue!), it sells for $2,900. And no cheap reusable glasses nonsense here; the system comes with (just one pair of) “Panasonic 3-D active shutter lens eyewear” — additional pairs cost $149.95 apiece.

“3-D has invigorated the theater experience, and it will be the same for the living room,” said Mary Daily, a 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment executive. “3-D will become a game changer for the home entertainment industry.”

We’ve been on the fence about the rapid proliferation of 3-D in movies — as the technology can often be as distracting as awe-inspiring — but Blair Waldorf in 3-D might just be enough to bring us over to the, uh, three-dimensional side.

Panasonic sells world’s first 3D TV system [HR]

Panasonic Sells World’s First 3-D Television System