Jessica Simpson Is Right

“I don’t know that I would be a good addition to the Smashing Pumpkins.” —Jessica Simpson on whether she’ll join buddy Billy Corgan’s band [MTV]

“Her femininity and extreme minimalism are too much to take for some metal heads and reverse-contrarian hipsters. She can do what those with ‘technical prowess’ can’t. She inspires people to bash on pots and pans. For that, they repay her with gossip and judgment. In the end she’s laughing all the way to the Prada handbag store. She wins every time.” —Jack White on ex-wife Meg White [DailyStar UK]

“I’m the luckiest old broad who ever drew breath.” —Betty White [Larry King via PopWatch/EW]

“I love her. She’s really smart. I caught her on Oprah and she was really chill. … It’s like Dolly Parton. Dolly plays up that I’m-a-cute-dumb-blonde but, believe me, she’s not dumb. She’s sitting on a ba-jillion dollars.” —Miley Cyrus on Lady Gaga [Parade]

“I play the most perverse, disturbing, disgusting, foul-mouthed leprechaun you could ever imagine. I’ve been kidnapped by Johnny Knoxville and Seann William Scott so they can get their pot of gold. … It’s funny because we’re using that technology from Benjamin Button — what’s the politically correct term? A little person? — and they’re going to put my head onto the little person. It’s very funny. It’s insane.” —Gerard Butler on the upcoming Peter Farrelly comedy [MTV]

“[H]e rapped a cappella over the phone, and we matched up the beat to it in the studio. It’s fucking bananas.” —D.J. Holiday on Gucci Mane recording a mixtape from jail [MTV]

“She was very sweet. She asked me to sign her vagina.” —Boy George on Lady Gaga [Mirror UK]

“I still have a crap car lost somewhere in LA because I don’t recall where I parked it.” —Robert Pattinson [Telegraph UK]

“I was doing a play and I was so outraged by all the pressure I was put under that I behaved very badly. … I remember seeing a man in a kiosk and yearning to be there with him, just watching telly and eating a sarnie. It feels like you’re taking your life in your hands just to step on the stage. Sometimes I just want to sit in a warm box and take people’s money.” —Emily Mortimer [DailyExpress UK]

Jessica Simpson Is Right