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Sam Worthington’s Childhood Neighborhood Suffered Lack of Entertainment, Poor Fire Department

“I’m not a great fan of people who say they put a sheet up in the backyard when they were seven and entertained all the neighbors. When I was seven, I thought I was a fucking fire truck.” —Sam Worthington [Details]

“I’ve never been so fanatical about something.” —Kristen Stewart on Twilight fans [Parade]

“Sometimes I find [couples starring together in films] really strange. I know that Nicole and Tom did it a few times … But I would like to remake War of the Roses with my husband, where we try to kill each other.” —Catherine Zeta-Jones [Contact Music]

“I would not go on the Jay Leno Show ever. Why? NBC was arrogant and cheap. … Jay Leno. He just has no character.” —Jeff Garlin [TMZ]

“Usually I’m no stranger to having a drink before an intimate scene, but this was something we were working on for hours and I had to be focused. … It’s not a PG scene. It’s realistic. It doesn’t cut off right when it’s about to explode. … My mom can see whatever she pleases, but I actually gave strict rules to my father to not come [to the premiere].” —Amanda Seyfried on her love scene with Julianne Moore in Chloe [StarPulse]

“It sucked.” —Kara DioGuardi on her first season of American Idol [MTV]

“[I]t seems like we had a long weekend, basically, because [Steven] Lisberger, who directed the first one, is involved, very involved in this one, which is great. You know, having the source of the material still engaged. I think it gave us all a lot of pleasure because he’s such a wild cat … [Y]ears before it came out, I heard ‘Oh, they’re gonna do a Tron 2,’ and I couldn’t believe. I said ‘You’re kidding me.’ Nothing happened, and finally this came about, and I was so pleased, and we did kind of a ‘Hey, this is not that strange.’ …[T]he Coen Brothers did this [thing] where they shoot the trailer for a movie first without ever having made the movie in hopes to entice the financers. That’s what they did with this one, to really entice Disney to say ‘Oh, yeah we own this thing, we might as well do one of these.’ So the trailer came off well. We played it at Comic-Con and went over well.” —Jeff Bridges on Tron 2 [/Film]

“[Mad Men creator] Matt [Weiner] doesn’t kill characters like on The Sopranos, so I’m not dead. But I agree that with what happened at Sterling Cooper he had to be fired. … [But if I got asked back,] I’d be on a plane in a second! Are you kidding me? In a nanosecond, with the slicked hair and ready to go.” —Bryan Batt, Mad Men’s Sal Romano [HuffPo]

Sam Worthington’s Childhood Neighborhood Suffered Lack of Entertainment, Poor Fire Department