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Hurt Locker 2 to Feature All-New Cast

“It averaged about 120 degrees Fahrenheit. So, yeah, that was hot. I got food bugs. Then I got food poisoning: lost 15 lbs. in three days. That was terrible. Then I fell downstairs. I was carrying the kid [an Iraqi boy whom he befriends in the movie] at the time: not the fake kid, the real one. I couldn’t see the stairs when I was walking down them and I just fell and cracked open my nose, bruised it up — it bled a bit — and twisted my ankle, which stopped us from filming ‘cause I couldn’t walk … There was a lot of fighting going on. The oppressive heat does something to your brain, and on top of that I was in this bomb suit, and I had explosive diarrhea, so was I like, ‘Get this thing off me! I’ve got to find a hole somewhere!’ I hate to say it, but it made me a really cranky cunt. I wanted to punch a lot of people. … Will I go out and and shoot in the desert again for Hurt Locker II? Go fuck yourself. You couldn’t pay me enough money. Even if I wanted to, I just couldn’t — literally couldn’t — do it.” —Jeremy Renner on shooting The Hurt Locker [Times UK]

“Well, the situation was very different. Two very different stories and very different women. … It’ll never be easier. … It’s easier with men for sure. But the first kiss with anyone’s awkward. The scene between Julianne and myself was very, very intimate and very erotic, so it was definitely a little bit harder [than in Jennifer’s Body], I think, but necessary.” —Amanda Seyfried on kissing Julianne Moore in Chloe versus kissing Megan Fox in Jennifer’s Body [MTV]

“Now I know it seems like my record is West Coast crazy … yeah it is. But I got a lot of real shit to say on this record just like I always do. So my political fans won’t be disappointed. But sometime the Big Dog gotta piss on a few trees to let these puppies know what it is. They can’t fuck wit me lyrically or physically. They all talks shit from a distance cause they know, I may do comedies but I ain’t no joke. … It’s been a few days since my last blog. A lot of things have been going down. I skipped both of those movie premieres. I can‘t deal with this Hollywood shit sometimes … too fake. But my daughter’s sweet 16 party was dope.” —Ice Cube on Hollywood and his upcoming album, I Am the West Coast [IceCube]

“[Ellen Barkin] plays a federal agent that I hate, and at one point I lose it. There was a take in the film where I actually got her neck in both of my hands. It didn’t make it in the movie, but I said to the director, ‘I really wish you had found a place to get me actually choking her.’ Maybe it will make the DVD.” —Don Cheadle on Brooklyn’s Finest [Parade]

“I think the roles go to Brad first. Which is fine. Ask anybody on the street which actors starred in the Ocean’s movies, and they’ll tell you it was George and Brad. I’m ‘support’ in Ocean’s. As I was in Saving Private Ryan — Tom Hanks carried that movie. You could accuse me of piggybacking on other people’s brilliance more than anything.” —Matt Damon [Contact Music]

“During interviews I’m incredibly nervous. I don’t want there to be a silence, because I’ll start crying out of nervousness. I just say the first thing that comes into my head. But the only way to establish any kind of mystique is to completely shut up and never talk to anyone. Unfortunately, I have to. It’s in my contract.” —Robert Pattinson [ShowbizSpy]

Hurt Locker 2 to Feature All-New Cast