Stars Rib Matt Damon During Hollywood Salute

Looks like everyone working hard on crafting their Matt Damon night drinking games should add in a “Take a shot whenever a celeb takes a shot at Damon” rule. While the broadcast date of the 2010 American Cinematheque Award dinner - which honors an actor for his or her “significant contribution to the art of the motion picture” - has still not been announced by ABC, the event took place last night in Hollywood and reports indicate it was more like a Comedy Central roast than a stuffy Hollywood ceremony.

The tone for the one-hour ceremony was set right off the bat, as Jimmy Kimmel said he had thought he was there to toast Matt Dillon.

“I don’t have much to say about Matt Damon, just as he didn’t have much to say in Ocean’s Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen, ” Kimmel deadpanned.

Charlize Theron, Robin Williams, George Clooney (who, oddly, appeared via video engaged in a faux prostate exam), Bill Clinton (also via video) and Clint Eastwood also took turns at the microphone. But of course, it was BFF Ben Affleck who presented the trophy to Damon, whom Affleck’s wife Jennifer Garner referred to as her “darling husband’s darling husband.”

“Wow! A lifetime achievement award? I started the same time as the guy — so it’s a special night for me too. I actually accepted an award recently as well from the Elks Lodge!” Affleck said.

After taking jabs all night, Damon dished it out during his twelve-minute acceptance speech, nailing Affleck right away: “Next year I’m sure you will be on this stage (presenting this award to someone else),” Damon said. “I hear there’s a lot of buzz for Vanessa Hudgens.”

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Stars Rib Matt Damon During Hollywood Salute