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Who Hasn’t Stolen From Courtney Love?

The sad face of injustice.

Courtney Love desperately needs an alarm system attached to everything she owns — people won’t stop robbing her! At least that’s the impression we get from the Hole singer, who seems to hand out larceny accusations like Santa Claus hands out presents. Earlier this month, Love claimed her ex-boyfriend Edward Norton stole $300,000 from her and her daughter, Frances Bean. Then last week, she issued the most confusing apology ever: “I have the greatest respect for Edward. He could be the President of the United States. I could be his drug czar.” One mea culpa down, only 4,238 to go! Below, a brief history of the accused:

2005: Love accuses Dave Grohl of “taking money from my child, Frances Bean, for years.”

2007: Love claims that $100,000 diamond earrings — a Christmas present for Frances — have been stolen from her hotel room. Later, said earrings mysteriously reappear at the hotel.

2008: Love insists that someone has stolen Kurt Cobain’s ashes. German artist Natascha Stellmach claims she took the ashes and plans on smoking them. Love’s publicist later denies that the ashes were ever taken.

Love accuses Victoria Blake and Lester Knispel, two members of her management team, of stealing millions from her.

Love accuses her ex-housekeeper, Miriam Torres, of stealing from her collection of designer dresses.

2008: Love accuses Ryan Adams of stealing $858,000 “straight out of Frances’s trust fund” in order to fund his album Rock N Roll.

2009: Love accuses fashion designer Dawn Simorangkir of stealing two bags of clothes from her while they stayed at L.A.’s Chateau Marmont. (The accusation came after Simorangkir sued Love for defaming her on Twitter.)

2009: Love accuses Gossip Girl’s Taylor Momsen of stealing her overall “look.”

2009: Love accuses pop duo the Veronicas of wearing dresses stolen from her closet.

2010: Love accuses Lily Allen of stealing Frances’s sunglasses.

Look out, Billy Corgan: She’s watching you.

Who Hasn’t Stolen From Courtney Love?