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Watch The Hills Final Season Trailer

After the both mildly sad and happy announcement that the seventh season of The Hills will be its last comes the release of the new trailer for the show, which returns on April 27. And it’s pretty amazing.

Isn’t it funny how emotive, Dawson’s Creek–y music can make you yearn for that which you never actually enjoyed? The Hills producers are masters of that effect, and this trailer compiles the only minutes of likability that these girls ever displayed. And yet it does make us nostalgic for the days of Lauren Conrad, back before the show devolved into a violent mess of catfights (Conrad just screamed … she never hit!). Ah, well, she’s moved on to bigger and better things, like writing best-selling books, and we’re left with, er, Jayde? Things we’re looking forward to this season: Spencer’s breakdown; Heidi’s plastic-surgery fallout; the return of Justin Bobby (“I take you for who you are and the person that you are and the heart that you have” … classic). Even though we don’t see him in the new scenes, he has to make an appearance, right? RIGHT? We guess Brody’s beard will have to suffice.

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Watch The Hills Final Season Trailer