There’s Going to Be an Entire Awards Show Just for Matt Damon

This is really too much.

Every year since 1986, the American Cinematheque has bestowed an award on an actor, writer, or director who, in mid-career, “is fully engaged in his or her work and is committed to making a significant contribution to the art of the motion picture.” This year’s honoree is Matt Damon, and it’s interesting because for the first time, the show (taping March 27) will be broadcast on TV, by ABC, at a to-be-determined date. Ben Affleck will present the award to Damon, and other stars paying tribute at the show, which will be called Hollywood Salutes Matt Damon: An American Cinematheque Tribute, will include George Clooney, Ben Stiller, Robin Williams, Greg Kinnear, Charlize Theron, and, naturally, President William Jefferson Clinton. There will be pre-taped comedy sketches.

Are we crazy that this sounds totally randomly awesome? Matt Damon! Three hours (or whatever) of Hollywood saluting Matt Damon. Humble, work ethic-y Matt Damon. We can’t wait to run around asking people what they’re “doing for Matt Damon night” and if they’re going to “a Matt Damon watching party” to “play Matt Damon drinking games” (drink every time someone says “Matt Damon”!). It’s going to be so hard to get a cab on Matt Damon night, so try to leave your friend’s Matt Damon party early and just find out whether Matt Damon cried at the end later when you get home. The only thing that would make this better is if it were a surprise for Matt Damon. Or if there were an interpretive-dance number about the life and career of Matt Damon. Matt Damon!

Hollywood Salutes Matt Damon
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There’s Going to Be an Entire Awards Show Just for Matt Damon