New York Times Warns Oscar-Nominated Actors: Don’t Get Too Smug

You have to figure that even Oscar-nominated actors who probably won’t win this weekend must be feeling pretty good about themselves today. Carey Mulligan and Woody Harrelson are likely doing final fittings of fancy, expensive outfits; Gabourey Sidibe and George Clooney are presumably coordinating their post-ceremony party schedules; and Helen Mirren is doubtlessly fussing over which jams she will bump in her ride on the way to the Kodak Theater. So here, of course, comes today’s New York Times to rain on their parades.

In an A1 story on star salaries, Michael Cieply reminds them that none of them made any money for their performances — the up front payments for all ten lead-acting nominees combined is “only a little larger than the $20 million” that Julia Roberts got for Erin Brockovich — and that even the most famous nominees (Clooney and Bullock) will only really get paid if their films sell well on DVD.

Even more chilling: In the Business section, in a story on Oscar-night advertising, Stuart Elliott reports that poor Marisa Tomei — a winner in 1992 for My Cousin Vinny and a nominee just last year for The Wrestler — will appear on Sunday in a commercial for Bertolli’s frozen Italian meals (tagline: “Italy is served”) alongside Dan Cortese. Dan Cortese! Just think about that when you’re out enjoying yourself this weekend, Christopher Plummer.

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New York Times Warns Oscar-Nominated Actors: Don’t Get Too Smug