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Tina Fey’s 4-Year-Old Daughter: Over

“She’s said a lot of great things, like ‘Touch my knee’s butt.’ But her speech is advancing too much to be useful anymore!” —Tina Fey on using 4-year-old daughter Alice’s catchphrases on 30 Rock [NYDN]

“There certainly is a Tarantino-inspired quality in the video. I mostly love the way he uses different forms to create something new. His direct involvement in the video came from him lending me the Pussy Wagon. We were having lunch one day in Los Angeles and I was telling him about my concept for the video and he loved it so much he said, ‘You gotta use the Pussy Wagon.’” —Lady Gaga on the “Telephone” video [E! Online]

“We thought we should really put it in there, because it shows a relationship between two people where, from the outside, you really can’t tell if it’s funny or if it’s intense disagreements that are going on, or what. I think that’s pretty interesting.” —Jack White on a scene in the White Stripes documentary, Under Great White Northern Lights, in which he makes Meg cry [Vancouver Sun]

“Well, it’s really fast, isn’t it? It’s sort of like a couple of pictures strung together. But it looks good — it looks good! I think Taylor [Lautner] looks really great. Like, he looks very strong and I love his voice in it. He’s good in it.” —Kristen Stewart on the new Twilight trailer [Cinematical]

“Certainly, to begin with when we got together, we were really concerned that it’s ridiculous to get into a relationship when there’s a possible seven years of working together, but it’s been nothing but lovely, so I hope it carries on as thus.” —Stephen Moyer on his relationship with True Blood co-star Anna Paquin [Contact Music]

“I was glad to be nominated, but I knew I wasn’t going to win. There’s no pressure because you know you’re not going to have to make a speech. But you don’t want to look upset when you don’t get the award. I e-mailed my fellow nominee Stanley Tucci and suggested we have a contest to see who could look more magnanimous when Christoph Waltz won. I liked my close-up.” —Matt Damon [Parade]

Tina Fey’s 4-Year-Old Daughter: Over