What Was Viral Kiddie Scarface Really Marketing?

Sure, you realized that the delightful YouTube video of adorable schoolchildren reenacting Scarface’s final scene wasn’t really from an actual school play. But you know who didn’t? Concerned taxpayers with access to telephones, that’s who. Though the clip was reportedly produced by music-video director Marc Klasfield somewhere in L.A., the (possibly made-up) person who uploaded it to YouTube claims to be from Bartonville, Illinois, where Bartonville Grade School District 66 has received scores of angry calls. “One parent called and was upset because they thought it actually happened here,” Superintendent Shannon Duling tells NBC Chicago. “I think it’s interesting how quickly people jump to conclusions.”

But! At the end of NBC Chicago’s article, there’s this interesting bit of information:

To set the record straight, Barton Elementary hasn’t staged a single play this year. Their junior high school kids are working on a production of The Diary of Anne Frank.

Now that you’ve seen their Scarface, aren’t you curious about how Little Tony Montana’s older siblings might interpret Anne Frank? We bet they’ll really spice up the ending. This all suddenly seems highly suspicious.

“Scarface School Play” Causes Trouble for Local School [NBC Chicago]

What Was Viral Kiddie Scarface Really Marketing?