Where Is Zach Galifianakis’ Twin Brother, Seth?


Zach Galfianakis shot to real, non-comedy-nerd fame in the past year with his role in The Hangover last summer, which led to rumors of a potential Oscar nomination and a gig hosting SNL last week. With at least nine upcoming films, Zach will be fêted next week as Showest’s 2010 Comedy Star of the year. It’s safe to call the comedian, who first gained fame on his notoriously short-lived (but hilarious) VH1 talk show in 2002, finally, a household name. But we couldn’t help but notice that in all the media commotion about Zach this past whirlwind year, almost nothing has been said about the comedian’s twin brother Seth Galifianakis, who, when we last saw him, was living a quiet life as a high-school football coach and youth minister in North Carolina, choosing to make only rare appearances. Who knows when Seth will resurface again (though he does seem only to appear shortly after his brother shaves his unruly beard, which Zach did for SNL last Saturday), but until then, here are some of the camera-shy North Carolinian’s greatest video hits.

The definitive Seth Galifianakis interview was done by Brian Unger for the DVD of Seth’s brother’s hit stand-up special, Zach Galfianakis: Live at the Purple Onion. In it, Seth explains the rift between his brother and him that began when Seth caught Zach making homemade ecstasy out of Tide with Bleach: “He broke more than man’s law. He broke God’s law, he broke Seth’s law, Murphy’s Law … Law and Order.”:

Seth’s first appearance on national TV was in the summer of 2006, when he filled in for his brother on Jimmy Kimmel Live:

Despite his shy ways, Seth has been known to do stand-up, like this camera-phone-captured performance in Los Angeles:

And here are some outtakes from Seth’s Brian Unger video, which are ridiculous:

Here’s hoping we see more of Seth in the future — who knows, maybe he could be the Haylie Duff of comedy?

Where Is Zach Galifianakis’ Twin Brother, Seth?