Which Ballerina Has the Coarsest Twitter?

@dalberda would’ve made a fart joke here.

Ballerinas: so poised and graceful in performances that you just know they’re all belching, smoking, and cursing like construction workers backstage. And in a shocking exposé in today’s Times, Gia Kourlas discovers that some members of the New York City Ballet are even tweeting, threatening to forever destroy the myth of the ballerina as an aloof, unknowable mystic creature. Kourlas mentions several oversharers in the piece — including Devin Alberda, Ashley Bouder, Kathryn Morgan, Daniil Simkin, and Maria Kochetkova — but what if you just want to follow one incongruously off-color classical dancer? Whose tweets are the crassest?

Sadly, all of the female dancers’ tweets are as polite as you’d expect (“At the @sfsymphony! What a treat: Valery Gergiev and Denis Matsuev!”). But without reservation we can recommend the bitchy, uncouth Twitter feed of NYCB’s blue-working Mr. Devin Alberda, who likes to keep things edgy. A sampling:

Ballet Stars Now Twitter as Well as Flutter [NYT]
Devin Alberda [Twitter]

Which Ballerina Has the Coarsest Twitter?