Which Still-Occupied Broadway Theater Should Hedwig Squat In?

Now that Lady Gaga’s made it cool for singers to have secret penises again, John Cameron Mitchell is plotting to revive Hedwig and the Angry Inch for a Broadway show this fall, reports Michael Riedel. Mitchell will return to play Hedwig, along with David Binder and Peter Askin, who produced and directed the version of Inch that played at the Jane Street Theater in 1998. One idea they’re considering is doing it as a mock one-night-only gig in a Broadway theater where the previous show hasn’t yet moved out:

“Before the recession started, when Rent was closing, we thought it would fun to do the show at the Nederlander, using whatever remained of the Rent set,” says Mitchell. “Hedwig is a hermit crab. Wherever we end up, we’ll adapt the design of the show to the theater.”

So where should they do it?

Riedel suggests the Lunt-Fontanne, where he expects The Addams Family should be finished up by the fall. But why not the Hilton, which, last we heard, is still the home of Julie Taymor’s totally hopeless Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark? Since it will definitely never open, Hedwig might be our only chance to see the sets. Wouldn’t it be fun to see Mitchell sing a few numbers while swinging between buildings?

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Which Still-Occupied Broadway Theater Should Hedwig Squat In?