30 Rock: Feyoncé

30 Rock

Season 4 Episode 19

Well, the best thing that can be said about the peacock subplot was that it was not some stale meta-reference to NBC. (If you must have it recapped: Jack inherited Argus, a peacock that had belonged to Don Geiss. We’re not sure what this said about Jack’s character, but we enjoyed him shouting “before the cloaca fills with mucus!” as he ran off to save it.) As a story line, Griz having to decide between Tracy and Dot Com as the best man at his wedding wasn’t much better, but at least it gave Tracy the opportunity to mention his Hepatitis B and his mother jumping onstage with 2 Live Crew. (We were reminded of this.)

Nestled in between those utterly wacky and kinda predictable poles? Jenna! Drag queens, let us know what you think, but we found the story of her dating one of her own impersonators, Paul (Will Forte, setting us up for even greater disappointment in Macgruber), to be outrageous and funny without relying on any cheap insults to trannies. And the most outrageous thing, of course, is that he would be dating Jenna. Liz and “Dallas” suspected Paul was just another one of Jenna’s losers (“Maybe he’s in a secret back room doing pot!” says Liz, after they tail him to the bar where he performs), but as Jenna reaches for his boobs, some real chemistry comes off of them. Bonus points for the genuine kink of Jenna saying, “I lost a toe ring in him!” (Which, by the way, made for some nice symmetry with Liz asking if Jenna had been soaking her tampons in vodka again.) And of course, it all climaxed with the poetically chosen duet of “All By Myself.” Enjoy it all over again.

30 Rock: Feyoncé