Bruce Springsteen’s Top Courtship Techniques

… as disclosed in divorce papers filed by Arthur Kelly against his soon-to-be ex-wife Ann Kelly, who Arthur claims was having a prolonged affair with the Boss. Ann Kelly has denied having a relationship with Springsteen, and Arthur Kelly’s adultery charges were dropped as part of the divorce settlement.

• Hooking Ann Kelly up with front-row tickets to rehearsals for the Magic tour.
• Telling her she was on his mind while he was on tour.
• Buying her books with a leftist agenda.
• Sending her unsigned Valentine’s Day cards.
• Telling her she had the “nicest ass” in the Red Bank, New Jersey, gym they both frequented.
• Kissing her in the parking lot of the gym.

While the details of the alleged affair are a bit hazy, one thing’s for sure: Bruce Springsteen’s courtship techniques would work on pretty much anyone.

Bruce Springsteen had ‘affair’ with New Jersey housewife: court papers [NYP]

Bruce Springsteen’s Top Courtship Techniques