D.J. Premier on the New Kanye Album: ‘No Electro’

Did “Find Your Love” — the new Kanye West–produced Drake song that sounds exactly like 808s & Heartbreak — lead you to believe that Kanye’s new album would be a retread of his last one? Fear not: D.J. Premier, taking a break from speaking on the unfortunate Guru situation, provided a preview into the tentatively titled Good Ass Job, and just about promises no more singing.

I’m working with Kanye. He reached out to me like, ‘Yo, you at the studio?’ He came by at 8 p.m. and didn’t leave until three in the morning. We were drinking Grey Goose and just bugging out. It was me, Kanye and Showbiz, from Showbiz & AG talking about the whole industry…He told me how he wanted this album to be really boom-bap, hard, hard beats.” “He said, ‘No electro Preem, I swear no electro [Laughs].’ ‘Ye is still that crazy dude he’s always been. He’s really focused on making this album raw. So I gave him a banger and he said he wanted two more on top of that one. I’m giving him two more this week.

If you’re keeping track, Primo is the fourth nineties hip-hop legend — along with Pete Rock, RZA, and Q-Tip — reportedly working on Good Ass Job, which Kanye is now recording in his Diamond Head, Hawaii, studio. Or maybe they’re just covering Illmatic?

DJ Premier Talks New Kanye Album: ‘No Electro… Just Boom Bap’ [VIBE]

D.J. Premier on the New Kanye Album: ‘No Electro’