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Early Date Night Reviews Suggest Missed Opportunity

The industry trades have posted the first reviews for the Steve Carell–Tina Fey comedy Date Night, out in theaters this Friday, and The Hollywood Reporter’s Frank Sheck (sadly) confirms our initial worries, suggesting that the Michael Scott–Liz Lemon pairing is as dysfunctional as a Scott-led meeting or Lemon date … but without being, you know, funny.

“Steve Carell and Tina Fey bring their estimable comic chops to Date Night, which sadly illustrates the current disparity between television and big-screen comedy,” he writes. “[Carell and Fey] star in two of the wittiest, most sophisticated sitcoms on the air, but … they’re stuck with an endlessly silly plot line and overblown physical mayhem that is instantly forgettable.”

And though Variety’s Lael Loewenstein cheerily describes it as “an uncommonly engaging date movie,” she goes on to mull that “it would be fun to see where Fey and Carell could really go if let loose, and if Date Night had even further embraced its edginess.”

Oh well. At least now we can channel all of our excitement toward Fey’s Saturday Night Live hosting gig this weekend, and the inevitable sketch in which she gets hit on by (musical guest) Justin Bieber.

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Early Date Night Reviews Suggest Missed Opportunity