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Industry: Lily Collins, Kellan Lutz, Sam Jackson

The Birth of Tayly: Lily Collins (The Blind Side), Phil Collins’s daughter, will star opposite Taylor Lautner in Abduction, the upcoming John Singleton–directed film about a young man who comes across his baby picture on a missing persons website. Prepare to be hated by every girl in the country between the ages of 12 and 15, Lily. [Variety]

Jackson and Lutz Play Games: Samuel L. Jackson and Kellan Lutz are in negotiations to star in Deathgames, an indie action film about a young man (Lutz) who is kidnapped and “forced into the savage world of a modern gladiator arena, where men fight to the death for the entertainment of the online masses.” Jackson will play the ringleader who orchestrates the games “from his computer lair” with the help of “twin ladies who see to his every desire.” Guys, good luck getting your girlfriends to see this one with you! [Heat Vision/HR]

Uncaged Bird Sings: T.I.’s upcoming album, due August 24, now has a name. The rapper, who was recently released from prison, announced that the LP will be called King Uncaged. Not one for subtlety, T.I. [MTV]

Hemsworth Gets Lautner Leftovers: Liam Hemsworth (The Last Song) has been offered the starring role Taylor Lautner turned down in David Ellison’s Northern Lights. Lautner was offered $7.5 million to take the part, whereas Hemsworth is probably offering money to the studio for the role. [Deadline]

Real-Life Drama: Curtis Hanson and Clark Gregg are in talks to direct and write, respectively, a movie based on the true story of a man who mysteriously arrived in a small Missouri town and cracked down on a group of meth labs … only to be found out as a bank security guard with a phony badge. The 36-year-old was federally indicted on 23 counts for impersonating a law-enforcement officer. The original plan was to turn this into a comedy, which presumably was rejected when someone reminded everyone how that worked out for The Informant! [Deadline]

Lee’s Flute Revived: Paul Maslansky is developing The Silent Flute, a martial-arts feature written by Bruce Lee prior to his death in 1973. Maslansky’s son Sasha is writing the new screenplay based on Lee’s version. The film “will be an epic martial-arts adventure film,” Paul said, “that promises to honor Bruce Lee’s original artistic and philosophical conception” and, he muttered under his breath, “to make us lots and lots of money.” [Variety]

Chromeo Get Casual
: Chromeo will return with their third album, Business Casual, out August 17. The disc will feature a guest appearance from Solange Knowles on the track “When the Night Falls.” If you want Beyoncé, guys, you gotta go with black tie. [Pitchfork]

Industry: Lily Collins, Kellan Lutz, Sam Jackson