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Industry Roundup: Cybill Shepherd, Drew Carey

Shepherd Teams With Hewitt: Cybill Shepherd will star alongside Jennifer Love Hewitt in an upcoming, untitled Lifetime original movie. Shepherd will play a body waxer at a salon who learns that her daughter (Hewitt) is working as a prostitute to make ends meet. “This is totally my Pretty Woman,” Hewitt was overheard telling an In Touch reporter she paid to meet her for lunch. [HR]

Carey Says ’WTF: Drew Carey is developing a hidden-camera show for CBS tentatively called WTF which, in this case, stands for “Wow That’s Funny!” Carey and others will “wreak havoc in public places” on the show, as the group will “pull benevolent pranks on deserving citizens” in a flash mob-esque fashion. In response to this premise we say “STFU” which, in this case, does not stand for “Shut the Funny Up.” [HR]

Crossed Gets Go-ahead: Garth Ennis’s apocalyptic horror comic-book series Crossed will be adapted for the big screen. A first version of the script has already been written by Ennis and is now being shown to directors. Similar to the way in which Kick-Ass was funded, the project will be independently financed and produced by Trigger Street Productions, a decision they may be kicking themselves in the ass for after seeing this weekend’s box-office returns. [Variety]

Thune in Right Lane: Nick Thune will replace Patton Oswalt in Beach Lane, the NBC comedy pilot starring Matthew Broderick. Oswalt had been originally cast in the role but was let go after the table read. As if losing the project wasn’t frustrating enough for Oswalt, he now has to deal with being replaced by a comedian whose most prominent on-camera role so far is playing what was billed as “Alison’s Friend” in Knocked Up. [Deadline]

Retired Works for Network: TV Land has picked up the pilot Retired at 35, a multi-camera sitcom starring George Segal and Johnathan McClain. The series follows a young businessman (McClain) who decides to leave the pressure cooker of New York City for his father’s (Segal’s) Florida retirement home. The show also stars Jessica Walter (Arrested Development) and Casey Wilson (Saturday Night Live). This guy’s decision to move to a retirement home makes even less sense knowing he’s electing to live where Lucille Bluth hangs. [Deadline]

Industry Roundup: Cybill Shepherd, Drew Carey