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Industry Roundup: Shiloh Fernandez, Adam Lambert

In the Hood: Shiloh Fernandez (United States of Tara, Jericho) has nabbed the biggest role of his young career, winning the male romantic lead opposite Amanda Seyfried in the upcoming Girl With the Red Riding Hood, a “gothic horror re-imagining” of the children’s fairy tale to be directed by Twilight’s Catherine Hardwicke. Fernandez, who tested for the part of Edward in Twilight, reportedly had to read seven times for the role of orphaned woodcutter Peter. Hopefully for Fernandez’s sake, Hardwicke won’t cast a second male actor who’s younger, tanner, and buffer in this film of hers. [Heat Vision/HR]

Important Job for Mottola: Paramount has hired Greg Mottola (Adventureland) to write the screenplay for its adaptation of Leanne Shapton’s book Important Artifacts, a project that already has Brad Pitt and Natalie Portman attached. The book is a fictional estate-auction catalogue featuring the items and photographs representing a four-year romance between a male photographer (Pitt) and a food columnist (Portman). Mottola really needn’t stress too much considering most people would probably pay $12.50 just to watch Pitt and Portman sit next to each other in silence for 90 minutes. [Risky Business/HR]

All in the Glam: Adam Lambert will be heading out on the Glam Nation Tour this summer, with the first stop scheduled for June 4 in Pennsylvania. “People won’t be let down in the glam department; it’ll definitely be something to look at as well as listen to,” Lambert said. Orianthi and Idol fourth-place finalist Allison Iraheta will serve as openers on the tour, while third-place finalist Danny Gokey will no doubt be staying far, far away. [MTV]

Duo Joins Stretch: Universal has signed on Rob Letterman to direct and Nick Stoller to rewrite its upcoming Stretch Armstrong project based on the Hasbro toy. The film, which is due in 2012, is being developed as a starring vehicle for Taylor Lautner. Conveniently, Letterman is familiar with the werewolf kind, having just directed Monsters vs. Aliens. [Variety]

Kylie Channels Goddess: Kylie Minogue has announced she will be returning with her eleventh studio album this summer. Called Aphrodite, the disc will be released on July 5 with lead single “All the Lovers” due June 28. Minogue said the album celebrates “her dance-floor roots” and that “Lovers” “gives her goose-bumps.” She was kind enough to release a 30-second snippet of “Lovers,” and while it’s not quite enough to judge by, there is definitely the potential for goose-bumps here! [Billboard]

They Spy: Peter Landesman, Brad Weston, and Graham King have sold an original pitch for a “next-generation spy movie.” Landesman, a journalist turned screenwriter, is aiming to explore “the deeper, more covert, more dangerous” world of intelligence that he says he was privy to as a journalist, hoping to reveal “a layer of operative and intelligence gathering that is virtually without oversight.” We have no idea what this means, but we have a hunch this will star a Peter Sarsgaard instead of a Matt Damon. [HR]

Coke Drama: Gregory Hoblit (Fracture) will direct and produce an untitled Castle Rock drama written by Frank Baldwin. The project follows an “au pair, a reformed Harlem drug dealer, three Princeton graduates, and a ruthless Chilean drug lord” who (of course) cross paths after a kilo of cocaine is stolen. Five dollars says this was pitched somewhere along the way as “Crash meets Traffic.” [HR]

Industry Roundup: Shiloh Fernandez, Adam Lambert