Jim Carrey Not Sorry For His Tweets

If you’re lucky enough not to be following him on Twitter, you might not have heard that Jim Carrey is currently in the midst of some kind of (presumably fake) mental breakdown. On April 6, he announced in a tweet that he and Jenny McCarthy had ended their five-year relationship, and since then he’s been sending out way-too-frequent gibberish-filled 140-character dispatches, a couple of which have managed to offend (“No wife is blind enough to miss that much infidelity … Elin [Woods] had 2 b a willing participant on the ride 4 whatever reason. kids/lifestyle”). Now, because a few followers worried for his sanity, he’s denied in a tweet that he’s depressed or on any anti-depressants, and released a statement that’s nearly as strangely worded and inscrutable as one of his tweets (at least it doesn’t include any emoticons).

Here’s his statement via a publicist (who is presumably thrilled about all of this):

“To anyone whose grievances have chosen me as their cause, I would say first, that I recognize that tendency in myself, but if you knew me well, you’d see that your resentment has been misplaced. I wish every human being nothing but love and immeasurable happiness. Now, I’m going to re-enter the Twitter stream and see if there is anyone left to offend!”

And here, he denies being on drugs or depressed:

Note 2 bad journalists.I haven’t taken anti-depressants or been depressed for yrs. now! Soon I’ll help others by writing about the alternative to uptake inhibitors, that helped me. Imagine using your writing skills to help people.? What a concept! ;^)

Per Jim Carrey, we’d like to use our writing skills to help people: Don’t follow Jim Carrey on Twitter.

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Jim Carrey Not Sorry For His Tweets