Life Introduces the Star-Nosed Mole

Put me in your purse!

Since Paris Hilton started toting around her chihuahua, Tinkerbell, the market for “It” pets — those expensive and purse-portable creatures featured in the tabloids along with their well-accessorized owners — has grown into a competition for the cutest and most exotic animal of them all. After chihuahuas came Shih Tzus, followed by ferrets, after which came the raccoonlike Kinkajous, and, most recently, mini-pigs. But, let’s face it, teacup pigs are so 2009. So for those Hilton acolytes looking for the next hip animal accessory, last night’s episode of Life, “Hunters and Hunted,” provided two viable options.

The Ethiopian Wolf Puppy: So cute! These reddish, foxlike animals are descendants of the gray wolf and hunt small rodents in order to collectively feed the pack’s puppies. Pros: Small size (until they become adults, after which they won’t be popular anymore, anyway); beautiful coat; will catch all the rats in and around your property for free. Cons: Might bite you; probably won’t play fetch; require a diet of rats.

The Star-Nosed Mole: Okay, not so cute! But that doesn’t mean that these moles, which are basically blind, wouldn’t make a great “It” pet. They have a special, fingerlike nose that feels the ground for prey and are very adept at quickly catching worms and small fish. Pros: Tiny size — seven inches! — means they’d never outgrow your Birkin; will help rid your garden of worms; can’t see, so wouldn’t be scared of flashing paparazzi cameras. Cons: Very, very ugly; will touch you with that finger-nose; require a diet of worms.

Life Introduces the Star-Nosed Mole