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8 Date Night-ish NBC Movie Team-Ups We Want to See

Date Night, the action-comedy of remarriage out tomorrow, stars 30 Rock’s Tina Fey and The Office’s Steve Carell, the two main draws of NBC’s Thursday-night comedy haven. What better place to mine comedy movie stars from? So it seems logical to ask: What other combinations of actors from that lineup — Community, Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, and The Office — could work on the big screen? And what kind of tried-and-true material should Hollywood plug those NBC stars into? We stayed up all night drinking green tea and eating Cookie Crisp and came up with the following eight movie pitches. Your own suggestions are, as always, welcome in the comments below.

Genre: Revenge Comedy Plot Description: Thursday night’s beloved downtrodden team up for a Revenge of the Nerds–inspired underdog story. The gang, all teachers at a fancy prep school, must learn to stand up for themselves once and for all against the machinations of the mean headmaster and his ex-jock gym-teacher goons. We’re picturing a climactic scene involving Ed Helms in a sweater vest slapping someone in the face with a trout.
Genre: Romantic Comedy Plot Description: Donald Glover plays the dapper playboy who’s coasted through four years of good times at the fictional Woodland College, Aubrey Plaza his evil queen-bee girlfriend, and Ellie Kemper the smart, quiet girl in the creative-writing workshop he’s just taking for credit. With graduation right around the corner, it’s time for the big decision … and one last party.
Genre: Social-Class Romance Plot Description: In a nod to his “Beeper King” days on 30 Rock, Winters plays a blue collar but entrepreneurial fax-machine salesman who falls for Rashida Jones’s elegant high-society girl, whom he meets at a costume party. After a whirlwind romance and misunderstanding-based breakup, Jones must work up the nerve to flaunt her family’s disapproval if she can ever marry a guy who, you know, sells fax machines for a living.
Genre: Rock-and-Roll Comedy Plot Description: Bratton (his real name) was a member of sixties folk-pop band the Grass Roots, and Pratt does a great job of playing a bumbling, aspiring rocker on PRecs. We’re thinking a mentor-protégé rock flick, with Creed guiding Pratt’s character to stardom to vicariously recapture his own youth, but turning against him when Pratt hooks up with Creed’s groupie daughter. Most important: A feature film will give Bratton lots more opportunities to be hilariously creepy.
Genre: May-December Romance Plot Description: Tina Fey has gone on record saying that Liz Lemon will never be romantically linked with Jack Donaghy, so maybe Fey’s pal Amy can step in instead?
Genre: Physical Comedy Plot Description: Wild Hogs 2 was canceled while in preproduction, meaning the door is wide open for another “suburban dads have the time of their lives” movie (Craig Robinson can be their ladies’ man buddy who refuses to settle down). The dudes have their rejuvenating, wacky, life-changing experiences while, uh, let’s say camping?
Genre: Buddy Comedy Plot Description: Teaming up NBC’s favorite Indian-Americans (Pudi’s half-Polish) is a sure win. Since a Raaaaaaaandy movie is already in the works, Pudi could play his stereotype-adhering, by-the-books accountant.
Genre: Buddy-Cop Comedy Plot Description: The put-upon white guy and wise-cracking black guy routine didn’t work with Bruce Willis and Morgan in Cop Out. But could the funnier McHale have more chemistry with Tracy? He will if they’re both zoo security guards investigating a mysterious break-in all while trying to hold on to their jobs!
8 Date Night-ish NBC Movie Team-Ups We Want to See