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Coldplay Owes Career to Michael Stipe Pants Tip

“Michael Stipe from R.E.M. once told me to wear tighter trousers. We did and we had a number one in America.” —Coldplay’s Chris Martin [Q Magazine via Spinner]

“The point of RoboCop, of course, is it is a Christ story. It is about a guy that gets crucified after 50 minutes, then is resurrected in the next 50 minutes and then is like the super-cop of the world, but is also a Jesus figure as he walks over water at the end.” —Paul Verhoeven [MTV]

“The top of the hit parade would look very different if teenyboppers were exposed to heroin. It would weed a lot of them out. I don’t think Justin Bieber could handle [Pink Floyd member and heavy user] Syd Barrett’s habit … A lot of people in their journey to rehab overdose, and then, perhaps, we would be spared their awful music.” —Russell Brand [NYP]

“He sent me only my scenes when I said I would do the movie — you read only what you do … It’s going to be the first movie that when it opens, I know nothing about. I can’t wait till Cannes and sit down there like a normal member and see a movie I don’t know what it’s about. … When I was 25 years old, I worked in Madrid with a t-shirt with his face, and so, just being on the set and seeing the same guy on my t-shirt — he is literally the same guy because he wears the same glasses and the same hat — it was quite impressive.” —Antonio Banderas on working with Woody Allen on You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger [Mirror UK]

“I loved the idea of doing something that was purely creative, weird and wonderful and not a commercial venture. Ideas were emailed and then developed at Stuart [Pearson Wright]’s studio over cupcakes and tea and under the skeleton of his dog and a film piece was decided on: a collision of our worlds.” —Keira Knightley on filming a ten-minute short film for free [Independent UK]

“I tend to look back — you know, I am pretty old — to look back at the favorite films that I have done. … In terms of my favorite experience with a film, there was a project with John Schlesinger called The Innocent with Tony Hopkins and Campbell Scott. It wasn’t very successful commercially, and yet I remember the experience of making the film as one of my favorites because John Schlesinger was such a fantastic director.” —Isabella Rossellini [Movieline]

“This one, my lyrics are better, my lyrics are on another level. My beats are on another level. I’m richer. I look better and I’m more successful, it’s an upgrade.” —Soulja Boy on his upcoming solo album [BET]

“It’s still tough to bring equipment down. For each shot, because the technology is not really advanced, we had to build own camera from zero using a specific configuration of lenses and mirrors. We are doing something nobody has done with 3D.” —Werner Herzog on his documentary about cave paintings [Roger Ebert via ArtsBeat/NYT]

“When Chris gets up to say the eulogy, ‘My father was born in 1938, 1938. That year, Time magazine named Hitler man of the year.’ And we’re all sitting there — mind you, we’ve all read the script, but when he’s doing it, it sounds like standup. He’s trying to be serious. We were laughing like you wouldn’t believe. ‘My fah-thah … ’ And you know he has those big teeth. ‘My f … My fah-thah … ’ We were laughing so hard when he did that. Even Jimmy [Marsden], who was supposed to be high on acid or whatever. That day was so funny, to see Tracy Morgan, like, crying and Danny Glover fast asleep.” —Zoe Saldana on Death at a Funeral [LAT]

Coldplay Owes Career to Michael Stipe Pants Tip