Patton Oswalt’s Unwanted Tribute Act

If you happened to be one of the dozen people in attendance at comedian Nick Madson’s set at the Hilltop Hilton in Davenport, Iowa, on Wednesday night and thought something seemed amiss, you were right! Most of Madson’s jokes were actually written by Patton Oswalt, who found out and is reasonably upset this morning about being so egregiously stolen from: “Fuck him,” Oswalt writes on his MySpace blog. (Also, when confronted, Madson allegedly claimed to be a writer for Oswalt.) Sure, Madson is just some young guy catching hell all over the Internet today for an unfortunate mistake, but over the past month Oswalt’s lost parts on both Broadway and television, and we’ll be damned if we’re just going to stand by while someone tries to replace the guy in his own stand-up set. The evidence, after the jump.

Here’s Madson doing Oswalt’s jokes:

And here’s Oswalt doing Oswalt’s jokes:

THIEVERY! [Patton Oswalt/MySpace via Fluxtumblr]

Patton Oswalt’s Unwanted Tribute Act