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Nicolas Cage’s Bad Lieutenant Performance All Miles Davis’s Fault

“I went on Dick Cavett many years ago and met Miles Davis. And I was talking about things like art synthesis and Picasso and you can do with acting what he did, or with music, and Miles came out and he got it, you know, he was looking at me, he gave me this, like — he nodded and he winked at me. Miles Davis, you know. And we were sharing the trumpet. And ever since then, because he accepted whatever my philosophy was, I believe that I wanted to approach acting as jazz. And so he became like a surrealist father of sorts, along with Walt Disney. And I thought, ‘Okay. Well, this time, I’m going to just let anything come out, whatever it may be.’ Like Bad Lieutenant, you know. But sometimes, it’s really thought out and constructed and carefully thought out, like Adaptation. So I always like to mix it up.” —Nicolas Cage [io9]

“I wasn’t allowed to see the whole thing.” —Chloe Moretz, star of the upcoming Let Me In, on the original Swedish movie Let the Right One In [SciFi Wire]

“When we went to sell the film, the responses we got were downright shocking. We were told that gay subject matter was an issue that had already been dealt with. Someone said something about Will and Grace, and somebody else actually said, ‘Haven’t you seen Brokeback Mountain?’ But, of course, the underlying assumption was about the mainstream culture and not the Latino or African-American communities where the whole idea of homosexuality is still very much taboo and homophobia is rampant.” —Benjamin Bratt on his upcoming film La Mission [Parade]

“I’ve been told by more than one person (including a dwts producer) that on the night of the first dwts elimination, the expression on my face looked like something out of a horror movie. I didn’t realize this, obviously, until I saw it for myself … and even I was a bit frightened.” —Kate Gosselin on her Dancing With the Stars appearance [Discovery]

“[My teeth are] clean and they’re real — it’s so strange to me that anyone would ever think I would. If I haven’t done them now, why would I do them? What is in America? Who gives a fuck what anyone thinks? I don’t give a fuck what they think and if I don’t get a film role because my teeth are crooked, then fuck them, I don’t want it. I just go, ‘It’s ridiculous.’ And if I don’t get a film role because I’m not thin enough, then, ‘Fuck you. Why would I fucking do that, you fucking shallow cunts!’ I hate them, and I hate that people think that I would. It makes me angry. I remember when a newspaper said, ‘He’s lost three stone for Hollywood.’ I went, ‘No [his voice veers upwards], I haven’t lost three stone and I would never fucking do it for Hollywood. I did it ’cos I work out and I wanna be fit.’ And that annoys me. Someone said, ‘I saw him in The Ivy and he was having a salad.’ ‘Yeah, I had a salad. I also had fucking deep-fried scampi and followed it with ravioli, you lying fucking cunt!’ So the answer is, ‘No.’” —Ricky Gervais [Times UK]

“I’m more standoffish because I know how vehemently he hates me. So that sort of makes me doubt it. But if we ran into each other and all that animosity were to pass for a second, then I’m sure we could have an interesting conversation.” —Slash on reuniting with Axl [NYP]

“I hadn’t even heard the word before Twilight.” —Robert Pattinson on the word “brooding” [Mirror UK]

“I think I was expected to marry a duke! And when it became clear I wasn’t going to marry a duke, I think all bets were off, basically. … I kept my head down when I was Keira Knightley’s age. I kept under the radar, because I was so longing to be 40. I knew it. I thought, ‘If I can just keep my head down, just keep playing with my friends until I’m 40, then I will have the nerve to come out.’” —Tilda Swinton [Independent UK]

Nicolas Cage’s Bad Lieutenant Performance All Miles Davis’s Fault