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Never Ask Nicolas Cage What’s in His Vial

“I would use this little vial and fill it with something called inositol, which is like a saccharine crystalline substance. It’s completely benign, but just the process of snorting it and then getting some imagination going made me believe that I was there. It actually freaked Werner out because he thought I was completely blasted, which I wasn’t, and he would ask me, ‘What’s in the vial?’ And I found it frustrating, because it took me out of my preparation.” —Nicolas Cage on shooting Bad Lieutenant while sober [MTV]

“I am not a fool. I realized when I came along, I wasn’t Meryl Streep who had been put into a bikini.” —Raquel Welch [LAT]

“We’re all absolutely into it happening. [The first film] was fun. That was really fun to do. [But Will Ferrell and Adam McKay] haven’t written a script yet. … I don’t think they’ve [even] decided on a story line yet. … I spoke to Will about Anchorman 2 about two weeks ago. We would all want to do another one.” —Steve Carell [MTV]

“Actually, it’s not unpleasant to get it on with beautiful actresses.” —Jonathan Rhys Meyers [Parade]

It’s about a girl and something happens.” —Justin Long on his new movie After.Life [AV Club]

“I’m not really angry or against [reality TV contests], it just feels like the same shit as most other pop music. I don’t know what the big harm is. In one way it’s grotesquely honest, which makes me sad we’re so numb that we’re ok with it — with Simon [Cowell] being a piece of shit and ‘this is how the business is’. That makes me sad that people accept it.” —James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem [NME]

“I love Iron Man and Star Trek, and I think they’re brilliant. But I just don’t see myself in films — I don’t know; for me to really enjoy it, it has to be kind of exciting work, and I just don’t want to do anything where I go, ‘oh, I know how to do that.’” —Carey Mulligan [Cinematical]

“[Leonardo DiCaprio] said, ‘I can tell you’re a good Italian kid, from a good family.’ … He handles everything with such poise. He’s very low-key, and I’m the same kind of way. When you see me in a club, you don’t see me going crazy; you see me with a hat and a hood on, laying back. … ‘What would Leo do? What would Leo do?’ I keep reciting that in my head.” —Vinny from Jersey Shore [NYP]

Never Ask Nicolas Cage What’s in His Vial