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Saturday Night Live’s Newest Writer: Ke$ha

So far we thought the weirdest thing about this weekend’s Saturday Night Live was that formerly prolific movie actor Ryan Phillippe was getting to host (co-starring in next month’s Lorne Micheals–produced SNL spinoff MacGruber probably didn’t hurt). But we were overlooking the night’s true wild card: divisive pop-culture personality, partying-and-glitter devotee, and musical guest Ke$ha. So, what kind of contrived mischief does she have up her sleeve? Oh, how about pitching sketch ideas? She tells MTV:

I have some ideas. I don’t know … it hasn’t been confirmed or denied yet [if I’ll appear in a sketch], so I can’t say for sure. But I would love to do something funny … one idea was someone recently told me I smell like shrimp in a diaper, so I thought I could do a perfume skit about me with my eau de perfume being a shrimp in a diaper. It’s very sensual.

Take a minute with that. It’s actually not terrible, right? We could see a Home Shopping Network–type deal, with Jason Sudeikis doing Billy Mays hawking Ke$ha Shrimp-in-Diaper. Wow — first Tom Cruise is outed as an innovative script doctor, and now it turns out that Ke$ha’s practically on the SNL writing staff?

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Saturday Night Live’s Newest Writer: Ke$ha