A Palate-Cleansing Moment With Steve Guttenberg

When you think of all the things that could make you happy at the end of a long workday, you never consciously think, A dose of Steve Guttenberg. And yet, when it appears, doesn’t it make things a little better? We bumped into the Gutt (alt: Goot) last night at the premiere of director Leslie Zemeckis’s documentary Behind the Burly Q and had a little chat. He didn’t say anything particularly earth-shaking — no revelations about a Police Academy reboot, no Cocoon: The Return gossip — but he was just smiley and goofy in that prototypically Guttish way, bringing up fellow red-carpeter Sharon Stone’s role in Police Academy 4 even before we could. And after just this brief interaction, all of our problems went away for a brief moment. (Except for the problem of not having enough Cocoon: The Return gossip.) Herewith, a moment of Gutt.

What brings you out?
I’m here for Leslie because we have the same manager. He says terrific things about her. And Mrs. Stone is in town, so we all come out to support each other. Sharon and I even did Police Academy 4 together. When she’s in town this “S” goes into the sky like Superman.

Do you ever watch Police Academy?
I don’t watch my films when people are around. When I’m alone, I watch only my own films.

What are you working on now?
I have a great film called It’s Not You, a little film we shot here in New York. It’s about a novelist whose life isn’t going anywhere, breaks up with his girlfriend. She allows him to move in with her best friend in a platonic way. It’s Greenberg, and I hope it’s as half as good as Greenberg. Wait, I actually hope it’s twice as good as Greenberg.

Are we going to see your film anytime soon?
We actually got into the Omaha Film Festival. No, we didn’t. We got into Cannes. Oh, no we didn’t …

A Palate-Cleansing Moment With Steve Guttenberg