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Will Hollywood Please Blow Up This Bridge?

This beautiful little piece of architecture is the Friendship Trail Bridge in Clearwater, Florida. Shortly after it was closed due to fears of collapse in 2008, the bridge was scheduled to be rebuilt. But it soon became clear that the cost to rebuild would triple the $13 million it would cost to tear it down. Now, rather than shell out that $13 million itself, the city is hoping someone in Hollywood might be willing to foot the bill.

“See if there is anyone, any kind of filmers, that would like to come down and blow that bridge up for a movie,” Pinellas County Commissioner John Morron said Tuesday. “And they would do it under their budget, and it wouldn’t cost us a thing, or very little.”

This wouldn’t be the first time a Florida town has enlisted Hollywood’s help to blow up infrastructure. In 1991, Lethal Weapon 3 forked over 50 grand to film the demolition of Orlando’s old City Hall. So in that same spirit, this seems like the perfect time to complete another trilogy. Someone call Michael Bay; it’s time for Bad Boys 3.

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Will Hollywood Please Blow Up This Bridge?