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With Arizona’s Immigration Law Roiling the Country, Shakira Heads to Phoenix

Arizona’s new immigration law, which makes it a state crime not to carry proof of legal status and authorizes police to question people suspected of being in the country illegally, is currently busy making a lot of people very upset. That includes musicians, too: Earlier this week, the band Stars tweeted “We love AZ. But until its racist new immigration law is repealed, Stars (and many others) will boycott this state.” Fucked Up’s Damian Abraham joined the conversation, responding, “Don’t get me wrong, I think the AZ immigration bill is horrible and must be repealed but I also think that indie bands boycotting the state is inane. Do Stars honestly think that by denying the state their brand of dreamy pop that they’re going to force the governor’s hand?”

Good point! You know who might be able to shake things up, though? Shakira.

That’s right … while those guys were having their polite little Twitter conversations, a superstar was making plans for action: Lupine-minded pop singer Shakira is heading to Phoenix today for a sit-down with the police chief and mayor to sort this whole thing out. Says Trevor Nielson, her “political and philanthropic adviser”:

Shakira is deeply concerned about the impact of this law on hardworking Latino families. She is coming to Arizona to try to learn more about how law enforcement is reacting to this new law and how we can ensure that people in the state of Arizona are not being targeted because of the color of their skin.

We can sign off on that. And if Shakira somehow fails to correct the situation, maybe we can send U.N. Goodwill Ambassador Nicolas Cage instead?

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With Arizona’s Immigration Law Roiling the Country, Shakira Heads to Phoenix