30 Rock: Onan

30 Rock

I Do Do
Season 4 Episode 22

30 Rock went insane this week. It was good. Maybe the best episode ever. Even Wesley was funny! And Jon Hamm with hooks for hands? It’s Jon friggin’ Hamm with friggin’ hooks for hands! (He is just adorable, isn’t he?) Liz Lemon seemed truly on the verge of losing it, Tracy actually did lose it, Avery Jessup got beat up on Mad Money, Jack totally had sex, Frank totally tried to have sex with Liz Lemon, there was pantomiming … we hardly know how to sum it all up. So we won’t. We’re just going to count down the top ten jokes, and you are going to contest the list and add the ones we missed. (And we have left out many: Emily Nussbaum totally posted “a pack of wild dogs take over and successfully run a Wendy’s” as her Facebook status this morning, and we don’t even remember hearing that line.) Anwyay … top ten go.

10. I’ll be staring out the window holding a glass of scotch.

9. Yiffing.

8. O’Doyle’s Indian Restaurant.

7. Rib cage for a basketball hoop.

6. Pocket Dialer.

5. Hot Pocket on the third rail of the G train.

4. Seeing a pigeon fighting a baby.

3. Meet me in the handicapped stall.

2. The period: so close to beating that thing completely.

1. Hooks crossed!

30 Rock: Onan